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Indik McNamara & Dallarda has been a stalwart legal presence in central New Jersey and Philadelphia since 1994. The firm was founded by Martin K. Indik and Thomas S. McNamara, who graduated together from Rutgers Law School in 1983. Since our beginning we have dedicated ourselves to aggressively pursuing the interest of our clients in and outside of the courtroom.

We are litigators experienced in representing plaintiffs in various areas of civil law, including professional malpractice, personal injury, and commercial/business disputes.

Typically our clients come to us seeking counsel and help in recovering money they feel is due to them because of a dispute, injury, or breach of professional duty. We apply sophisticated legal skills and analysis in a result oriented manner that most benefits our clients. We recognize that each case is different and that each client has different needs and we focus on developing legal solutions that best meet those needs. Sometimes that involves an uncompromising strategy geared toward obtaining the highest jury award. In other situations, our clients are better served by a frank assessment and an early mediation process aimed towards facilitating a reasonable settlement and avoiding the costs and delays of a trial. We work closely with the client in determining the best strategy and commit ourselves fully to achieving the best possible outcome.

At Indik McNamara & Dallarda we make it a point of pride to be accessible to our clients. We never avoid phone calls and we respond to messages promptly. We do not rush our clients off the phone; we make sure that we have answered all questions and concerns thoroughly regardless of how long it takes. We also realize that people confronted with a legal situation are usually unsure of how to proceed or which lawyer to hire and so we give free initial consultations. Most of the cases we take are handled on a contingency fee basis. That means that you don’t pay us a fee for legal services unless we recover money for you.

At Indik McNamara & Dallarda we regularly hear from former clients who are returning with a new case or simply wish to discuss legal concerns. They come back to us because they know we are there for them.